Passenger Avoids $1400 in Bag Fees by Leaving Bags

luggage at airport

One of the nice things about being a “onebagger” is never worrying about paying overweight bag fees.

That can’t be said for one recent traveler in Seattle.

The unnamed traveler was planning to travel from Seattle to NY (JFK) on Delta. However, when he got to the airport, he was told his baggage was overweight and he would have to pay an additional $1400 in fees. (Just how much baggage do  you have to take to have $1400 in fees?)

Not happy with the charges, the flier left the bags near the check in desk and took his flight.

As we all know, unattended bags are not ignored in today’s world. HIs leaving the bags caused the Delta check in area at Sea-Tac to be closed for two hours while police investigated.

Meanwhile, word about the incident was forwarded to NY and the passenger was met by law enforcement personnel upon landing.

After interviewing, it was determined he did not mean to cause any disruption or harm and was let go.

No word on what was in his luggage or whether or not he plans to claim it if he returns to Seattle.

(Please, no kitchen sink jokes in the comments. Too easy. )

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One Response to Passenger Avoids $1400 in Bag Fees by Leaving Bags

  1. Paula Bag Lass says:

    Good grief! Words fail me!!
    More baggage than brains methinks.