In Flight Theft


In a previous post, we discussed what to do with your bags in case of an emergency and you had to evacuate the aircraft. How would you handle the need to take cash, credit cards, passports and even a phone?

One poster mentioned that she had the essentials in a purse at her feet but didn’t take it with her when she went to the lavatory. What would she do if she had to evacuate from there.

A bigger problem, and one to be more concerned about, is theft from her bag while it’s unattended. In flight theft in on the rise. Thieves realize that most travelers don’t expect any thievery while flying so they let their guard down. On long flights, many passengers either zone out with electronics, inflight entertainment or even sleep. And that’s when the thieves strike.

Rather than go into a long treatise on this, here are some links to articles explaining the problem and what you can do to prevent being a victim:


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One Response to In Flight Theft

  1. Maggie says:

    I keep my cash, cards, passport and smartphone in a small cross-body bag (with RFID protection). I take it with me everywhere, including the toilet. In my seat I put in on the opposite side to the aisle (I always have an aisle seat) and shove it between my body and the armrest. I’m a light sleeper, if I sleep, and am generally very aware of my surroundings.

    Thieves look for the easiest pickings and if they checked me out I would hope that they would see I’m not a easy target. Plenty of other people on the plane who are distracted or inattentive to pick from.