Gear Review: Waterfield Designs Finn Wallet

Finn Wallets side by side

I admit it, I still carry my cellphone in a holster on my belt. I know, I know, in terms of fashion that’s now like wearing a fanny pack. And doing it overseas brands me an American faster than wearing a hawaiian shirt, shorts and a sports logo baseball cap.

I’m supposed to carry the phone either in a manbag or in my front pocket. But I’m always concerned about putting it in my pocket because it might get scratched or damaged by my keys or coins.

Luckily, the people at Waterfield Designs have come up with a neat solution. It’s called the
Finn Wallet and it’s available in two sizes. Each wallet consists of a main compartment area and two open internal side pockets.


The smaller of the two, Size 25, measures 4.5″ x 2.8 ” and weighs 1.4 oz. The manufacturer claims it can hold up to 20 credit cards and cash. I was able to get my third generation Ipod Touch in it without it’s protective case.








The larger of the two, Size 27, is made to hold an Iphone 5 plus about 15 credit cards and cash. My iphone has a protective case around it and it fit just fine. This wallet measures 5.1″ x 2.9″ and weighs 1.7 oz.






Finn wallet filled

I put the Size 27 to the test the way I would use it when traveling. Since I keep most of my money and credit cards in a moneybelt, I only packed the wallet with a few cards, a few U.S bills and my Iphone 5.  (see photo on the left.) It did a great job. It laid flat in my front pocket and didn’t cause any extra noticeable bulge. Larger  currencies will fit in both wallets but will need to be folded a couple of times.



finn-wallet-colors-lgBoth wallets are made of full grain cowhide with a deer tan finish. (That’s just the name, no deer were harmed in making these wallets.) They also have self locking YKK zippers. Both wallets are available in a variety of colors.




I put mine to the test the way I would use it when traveling. Since I keep most of my money and credit cards in a moneybelt, I only packed the wallet with a few cards, a few bills and my iphone. It did a great job. It laid flat in my front pocket and didn’t cause any extra noticeable bulge. The quality and workmanship is excellent and I expect this wallet to last a long time.

The Finn Wallets cost $29 each and are made in the USA (San Francisco to be exact.) They are available directly from the manufacturer.

I like the wallet and I’m going to use it. Even if you don’t have an Iphone 5 but are looking for a quality front pocket wallet, the size 25 may be a good option for you. And while it’s technically designed for men, I can definitely see this as a product some women might like to use when they just want to carry the bare minimums.

All photos except the top one and the one I show how my wallet was packed are courtesy of Waterfield Designs.

Disclaimer:  Waterfield Designs provided the Finn Wallets for review.


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7 Responses to Gear Review: Waterfield Designs Finn Wallet

  1. Alan B says:

    Interesting concept. Of course, for routine use where hearing the phone RING is important, the Finn Wallet may not be the best answer. However, even if used as just a wallet, the front pocket carry as always has security advantages. I now use a rear pocket wallet only when in my local area. For travel in recent times I have used a “taxi” wallet, which has a coin pocket that comes in handy for areas where Euros or the like are needed in smaller denominations.

  2. Neil says:

    I still have a thick dumbphone, so I could not put it in my wallet.

    Speaking of wallets, I use the Rogue RFID wallet at home at all times, unless I’m riding my bike (pedal or motor). When traveling, I use a biker’s style wallet (with a coin purse). I wrap the chain around my belt, instead of my pants belt loop.

  3. Alan B says:

    Note that this company for another $10 sells an iPhone Wallet, two different colors and two different sizes, one side heavy gauge CLEAR VINYL, perhaps a better choice for someone who anticipates RECEIVING calls and texts. I may consider one of these in black, though for my wife’s needs I might get her the smaller Finn…in red.

  4. rabergnc says:

    These were introduced at a perfect time for me. I had been using a taxi wallet for several years and it had started to fall apart. I looked at some replacements but the quality of what is available currently is not as good as the wallet I had been using. I received an email about the Finn wallets and ordered the smaller one – I never really liked wallet/phone combos and keep my phone in my pocket without problems. I have been using the Finn for about 4 – 5 weeks and really like it. It holds all the cards and bills/receipts I need on a given day. It is all secure inside a zipped case and has worked well for travel (by air and car). I have used Waterfield Designs bags, sleeves, and cases for year and their quality and durability is among the best I have encountered. The Finn seems to be in that tradition – quality materials and workmanship. It is a great front pocket wallet at a very reasonable price.

  5. Alan B says:

    Some further comparisons of the larger Finn Wallet to my current Osgood Marley “taxi wallet,” would be size and capacity. The FW is 5.1 x 2.9 inches, with one rounded corner, the OMTW is 4.25 x 3.6 inches, with a broadly rounded end, weights very similar, the FW listed at 2.0 oz, the OMTW is 2.2 oz. The OMTW does have an outside snap pocket very good for European coins, but no place for an iPhone, Conversely the FW carries that smartphone, but has no separate coin pocket. As to card capacity, with the OMTW I have to carefully pare mine down to half a dozen including my drivers’ license, plus my room key card in a slit accessible without opening the wallet. The FW I gather will hold twice that, no outside slot. I also calculate the two smallest paper Euro denominations, the 5 and 10, should fit the FW without folding, the 20 and 50 would need to be folded once. As for price, the FW is $29, the OMTW more like $49.

  6. Alan B says:

    Noting the concurrent discussion of always being ready for an EMERGENCY airliner evacuation, cellphone merged with financial resources, always in a front pocket, allows one to be ready, including the personal database of our phones, I think I will likely get either the Finn Wallet or the iPhone Wallet.

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