Would You Buy Luggage at an Airport?

PacificOutfittersI admit it. If I’m at an airport, have some time to kill before my flight, and see a luggage/travel goods store, I’ll wander in to see if they have any new goodies for sale. (They always do.)

Sure, I’ve occasionally purchased a small travel item I thought might make onebagging easier but I’d never think of buying any luggage. Most of what I’ve seen is overpriced and wheeled.¬† Of course, if I had some type of baggage mishap–unlikely with the way I travel–I guess I would have¬† to buy something then and there. After all, why would anyone else do that?

It seems there are lots of people who buy luggage and for more reasons than I could think of says USA Today. They have an article in today’s paper titled “Who Buys Luggage At An Airport.”

Apparently, lots of people do. And business is good.

Over-packers seem to make up the majority of those buying bags at the airport. Which is fine with me because if these people buy those big bags, it will leave the overheads free for us.


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7 Responses to Would You Buy Luggage at an Airport?

  1. Ralph says:

    i have purchased Tumi at an airport, but that is also because Tumi is not typically discounted.
    And i know that Tumi often mails the purchased product to the buyers location, and is essentially a showroom for their products, if someone decides to purchase later.

  2. Maggie says:

    I rarely pass a travel store without looking in, even at the airport. The only purchase I’ve made was a padlock with large numbers so I can read it (just) without my glasses on. Hadn’t seen it in the shops outside the airport.

  3. Paula Bag Lass says:

    I have bought small items from the luggage stores at Heathrow and Gatwick (a chain store that sells some neat gear and bags). I always have time to spare to browse in them, last time I bought a Kipling bag (was actually on sale), time before that I picked up a Tintamar (Very Intelligent Pocket).
    Actually I now have two in different colours.
    I also picked up a mini fan to use on the plane (everyone else gets cold……I get hot).
    Unless my carry-on fell apart in the departures lounge, I wouldn’t think about buying luggage there…(but I do drool over the Tumis though).

  4. kbob says:

    Luggage, no. But I did buy the best alarm clock I’ve ever had at Heathrow once. A Wesclox (sic), fairly small, flipped open, stood up, big LCD numbers, a great, easy-to-use nap feature (15 mins per button push), etc. That was a great clock. Lost it somewhere; never seen another one like it. Still miss that clock.

  5. Wayne says:

    I’ve purchase a bag once when the airline failed to deliver a bag. Business travel didn’t allow for replacement shopping so airport luggage provided the best option with clothing from airport shops. The airline graciously picked up the tab so my wife now has the 18″ Samsonite rollaboard from that exercise.

    The other reason to buy in an airport would be that some brands, e.g. Samsonite, Delsey, sell a different, smaller range in Europe than they market in the US.

  6. Paula Bag Lass says:

    Kbob, you’ve described my Westclox travel alarm! Mine also has a second time you can set, handy for me when in Europe, I set the 2nd one to Ontario time.
    Out of curiosity I just googled my clock, plenty of new Westclox models, couldn’t find mine at all. It is rather old now though.

  7. MWebb says:

    I browsed the Brookstone store in the International Terminal at SFO (public area, pre-gate) and the wheelies they had were pretty good and fairly priced – not the big rip-off I had expected from an airport store. Their stowable shoulder tote shopping bags were about the best I have ever seen, larger than the Chico shopping bags you find at REI and supermarkets and attractively priced. I was really surprised. I have always viewed concourse shops as traps for the unwary.