Do You Work On Vacation?


I remember the first few vacations I took when I entered the workforce. There was no internet, cellphones, or ipads, nor did we use the term digital. I promised my boss that I would “try” to call the office while I was away but he had the phone number of where I was staying–just in case.

Fast forward a few years and I promised to check my emails if I could find a computer that could access Compuserve or AOL or Earthlink or any of the other services that offered online features.

Today, with wi-fi and smartphones and everything being done in cyberspace, it’s virtually impossible to get away from it all.  And that brings ups the question: Do people tend to work more  on vacation  now than they did in the past?

Ricoh, the Japanese technology company, authorized a survey of just over 2000 Americans and found:

–54% of workers say their bosses expect them to work on vacation;

–51% of employed Americans say they would rather get a root canal than work on vacation;

–64%, however, said checking emails while vacationing makes for an easier transition back to work. But 67% also say their families get annoyed when they do it.

–for those who want to check emails and do some  work, only 24% say their employer makes it easy to login in from remote locations or even home.

How about you? Do you work during vacations? Do you even take vacations?

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7 Responses to Do You Work On Vacation?

  1. pprivon says:

    I’ve found in my short time in the workforce (4 years) that as long as I have someone who can manage any emergencies that come up and my manager is aware who that individual is I’m not contacted while I’m out. I do provide a contact phone number but am able to completely turn off my work emails to my iPhone/ipad without causing a ruckus at work. (Most of my vacations are either a week or two so I’m rarely taking longish weekends)

  2. Paula Bag Lass says:

    I work for a Fire Department, can’t take my work with me…….thank goodness.
    And now (after 25 years there), when I walk out the door at the end of my shift, the place ceases to exist in my mind. My vacations are relaxing…..only a kindle to read and a UK roaming cell phone used to contact relations and friends and make reservations at restaurants. 🙂
    I would hate to have the type of job that involves having to stay in touch.

  3. Ralph says:

    Yes i do, but i also have a company blackberry and have to bring a laptop with me during business travel. I think for many that have company issued mobile email devices such as blackberry, they do some level of work on vacation, and then it also depends on the job and level of employee.

  4. Luke says:

    I’ll generally an early riser comparedto hte rest of the family, so that’s when I’ll log on and answer emails that need more than a quick answer on the Blackberry. It generally doesn’t bother my family, beause they’re sleeping anyway. My boss does understand whne I’m on vacation, or even long weekends, and doesn’t try to contact me unless absolutely necessary.

  5. Neil G. says:

    Yes I do. I have a great “second-in-command”, as it were, but there are things he still does not know; so, I find that it easier for work to contact me, when there are issues. I’ve found that dealing with an issue during my off-time, saves me countless hours, days, or even weeks when I return to work. In this day and age, when everybody is running leaner, there is no good time to take a vacation, so I have to take my work with me or have them contact me. My work is on my laptop, so I can check my e-mails, review my section’s reports via Cloud storage, have my phone message e-mailed to me, and conference, if things really go bad, on it.

    Funny enough, in the various fields I’ve worked in as a chemist, often, I’ve been able to turn wherever work sent me into a mini-vacation. So, I can address the problem without them having to send me back out, because I’m somewhat close to the area.

  6. Jeff Mac says:

    Although it is a source of stress for my family, I am also guilty on this count. It seems that even on trips where I tell the people I work with that I am completely fried and that I need to not deal with anything, they manage to encounter and disaster that no one else can deal with. The hassles of ownership I suppose…

    I am heading away for a long weekend today, computer in hand, smart phone in tow. At least Saturday and Sunday should be good.

  7. hazygirl says:

    Nope. I never work on my vacations. Neither does my boss. There is nothing happening here that would prove fatal if it had to wait for someone to return from vacation. I’m not sure what kind of work others are doing that is so vital that it can’t wait a week or two; or can’t be handled by someone else. I’m just glad that I don’t have that job!

    If I am on a business trip, then, of course, I am working and will answer emails, voice mail and stay in contact.