Tom Bihn Daylight Briefcase Ever since I decided to switch my every day carry/personal item bag from a backpack to a messenger a couple of years ago, I’ve been looking for the perfect bag that fit my needs. It had …

gafer says:
Thanks Frank, this just might have to be on my after Christmas list. An inside... more
Frank@OBOW says:
I tried to take photos but they didn’t really come out. The center... more

Lewis N Clark Featherlight Packing Aids Lewis N. Clark, a stalwart in the travel accessories business, has come out with their own line of ultra-lightweight packing aids. Called the Featherlight line, these packing aids are made of rip-stop nylon and weigh …

mkt42 says:
That Delta policy, ugh. I flew on Frontier Airlines for the first time a few... more
Frank@OBOW says:
The cubes do open on three sides. The largest Lewis & Clark cube weighs... more

Venice, Italy, one of the most beautiful and visited places on the planet will ban all wheeled luggage beginning in May of 2015. Anyone tugging a wheeled bag with rubber wheels will be subject to a fine up to 500 …

Frank@OBOW says:
As I expected, this story was not true. Read about it above in the blog post. more
Frank@OBOW says:
As I said somewhere else……don’t jump the gun yet. I... more

More fees and program Changes are coming to travel in 2015 and none are good for the traveler Jet Blue Jet Blue announced two changes that will affect passengers. The airline will initiate a new three tier pricing system. Those …

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In case you’ve been wondering, I’ve been on a sort of self-imposed sabbatical for the past three weeks or so. I didn’t really plan it, it just happened. I needed a little break from everything and decided to spend the …


Travel Adapter Map

Our friends at the travel goods retail store Flight 001 have come up with an interactive,  color coded map to help you figure out which electrical adapter(s) you may need for a specific country. Click on a specific country and it …